Choreographers of Time

TROPE is a creative collaboration between contemporary artists Carol MacGillivray and Bruno Mathez. The Anglo-French team celebrates motion as a metaphor for being, through breathing life into inanimate objects. The artworks are playful and hybrid, made using an immersive system of concrete animation called the D-Scope® where time is literally choreographed. Trope create audio-visual, kinetic worlds where an audience can move freely, encountering the art in a synaesthetic and immersive way. These are mixed reality, embodied artworks that cannot be fully comprehended viewed on a computer screen; ‘You have to be there’.

The D-Scope® is an innovative medium that draws on tropes from animation, film and Gestalt grouping principles to create animation freed from the screen. It is an audiovisual experience that is embodied and completely ‘other’ than work mediated by a screen.

Artworks are viewed in an architectural black-out, where prepared 3D objects are arranged in paths such that they change incrementally in shape and/or position. Although nothing in the space actually moves; the objects are revealed through serial illumination in the dark room, sequenced using the technique of projection mapping. This technique enables creation of a dramatization over time, encouraging the common perceptual shortcuts of a participant to create sequences and a narrative from static abstract objects.

Because the D-Scope® is a screen-less medium, videos do not replicate the experience. If you are interested in experiencing the D-Scope®, please register for our newsletter  and we will either invite you to our studio in New Cross (South London) or to our next show.

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