Conversio (2013)

(Video projectors, chain, cargo hooks, foam insulation, pingpong balls, cardboard boxes, flex, copper wire, speakers, black paint)


A site-specific artwork commissioned by the Frequency festival for Posterngate in Lincoln. ‪ ‬ October 2013

Conversio re-animates an ancient space through a new medium of screen-less animation in a unique installation specifically designed for the festival, the old ruined wall of Posterngate is transformed by modern technology to become an integrated backdrop to a diasynchronic installation: an audiovisual kinetic sculpture of choreographed time. Participants are drawn into a dark, underground space to behold an orchestrated metaphorical conversation between Lincoln’s buried past and modern times. Visuals are synchronized with sounds to create a ghostly ballet of animated objects then subside to an evocative echoing emptiness.


Logo - TropeChoreographers of time