Dandelion (2014)

Dandelion (fr: dent de lion) (300cm x 250cm x 200cm)
(cast pewter, metal jacks, projected light, computer hardware and software)


Dandelion is an interactive allegorical artwork where the breath of participants animates the sculpture.

The strongest universal urge for all living things is to live, and propagating life is our most potent, constructive and conscious expression of this intuition; but life is a gamble and our hopes and aspirations are dependent on the twists and turns of fate. Dandelion embodies the connection between breath and giving of life. The embodied breath travels across the gap between the real and the imaginary, and in this translation, transforms wishes and desires into a concrete metaphor for life and propagation.

Exhibited at  Kinetica Art Fair, London (2014) and Galerie Carré Doré, Monaco (2014)