Not Here. Not Now. (2017)

Exhibited at the Science Centre, Maker Faire in Singapore in July, where we worked alongside HKD and Genetic Moo

We ran a series of animation workshops in their immersive digital space.

Exhibited at the Singapore Science Centre,  July 2017.

NHNN explores ideas of time and constant flux, from a personal and holistic view.

We see the world through our own lens in time and space as a linear progression, but in the modern world, more than ever, we are privileged through longevity and big data to be able to perceive the world globally in time and space and the circular/spiraling nature of history can be appreciated. The bigger picture is there – we can see the whole tapestry if we stop focusing on the individual threads. If we stop thinking of us here and now, shed the blinkers of our own ego, and just look further, we can see that progression can be made; we may stop looping back and begin to learn from the past.