One, Two, Three… (2013)

(Video projectors, polystyrene, foam insulation, Minna Nygren’s vocal, speakers, black paint)


Exhibited at Kinetica, Marylebone, London. Feb 2013


One, Two, Three…  celebrates animation as the ‘spark’ of life. There is a sense of cell division and evolution‚ but also of water and ripples. Drawing on a combination of Primordial Soup theory and Artifical Intelligence, using simple cubes as representations of the building blocks found in synthetic biology. The simple motif of ‘three’ represents a return from the binary nature of digital to something more analogue and flowing: Two points in space can be joined by an imaginary straight line; but with three points‚ an arc can be created‚ starting the viewer’s eye on a journey. The work represents the evolutionary leap from the binary nature of simulated digital life to something more analogue and palpable: Artifical Life sparked by the power of three. This visual journey is accompanied by rhythmic vocal chants that lend a meditative mood to the piece

One, Two, Three… is a D-Scope® artwork. This means that it is both sculptural and performative, combining audio-vision with choreographed multiple objects. The sculpture consists of multiple crafted ‘voxels’ of diminishing size hung in pathways in a blackout space. When lit sequentially the voxels animate like cells, accompanied by synchronous vocals. The voxels disappear into ripples where they ‘boil’ and dance unpredictably, only to re-combine and assemble into a single atomic structure.




One, Two, Three… audio track:

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