Talks and demos



  • 16th July, Demo of Libretto and Paper ‘Change made Manifest: Using Practice to Inform Theory‘ delivered at the Society of Animation Studies – SAS 2015 Beyond the Frame Conference held at Canterbury Christchurch University, UK
  • 4th February, Talk at the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture, Kingston University, (part of the Talking Heads Lecture series).


  • 27th October, Talk at the Freud Museum for the book launch of Embodied EncountersNew Approaches to Psychoanalysis and Film (Routledge, Ed: A. Piotrowska), London
  • 19th October, Illustrated Talk for the Kinetica Art Fair programme, London
  • 21st July, Demo and Talk : The Thursday Club, Goldsmiths, University of London
  • 18th July, Demo and Talk : Engineering the Diasynchronoscope: the next steps’ at EVA (Electronic Visualisation and the Arts) At the BCS, London


  • 24th October,  Artist’s Talk about Conversio at the Frequency Festival, Lincoln
  • 30 July 2013, Workshop and demo at  EVA (Electronic Visualisation and the Arts) London. The Diasynchronoscope Project: Investigations in Screen-less Apparent Motion WEBLINK: Carol MacGillivray, Bruno Mathez
  • 3 April, Talk at Wolf Ollins, (International brand consultants), London ‘One, Two, Three… reviewed’. An illustrated talk that included a retrospective look at the TROPE team’s artistic history
  • 28 February,  Talk: What the Diasynchronoscope reveals about perception of apparent motion at Kinetica in Marylebone, London. Carol MacGillivray, Bruno Mathez and Dr Etienne B. Roesch discuss how the D-Scope brings the viewer into a shared space creating a space for  enactive, embodied perception, and the impact this could have on future perceptual experiments.


  • 30th May, Dorkbot talk, The Walker Space, Ravensbourne The Diasynchronoscope project
  • 25th February, Panel Discussion, Watermans  Gallery for New Media, London International Festival of Digital Arts 2012 – Seminar series on issues arising from new media arts and interactivity. Seminar 2: New media geographies / space, architecture and technology Chaired by Saul Albert – with Ugochukwu-Smooth Nwezi & Emeka Ogboh (One Room Shack Collective) in conversation with Evelyn Owen and Carol MacGillivray & Bruno Mathez WEB-LINK:
  • 10th February,  Talk: Gestalt Circle and the Diasynchronoscope Project at Kinetica in Marylebone, London.

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