“One, two, three is a stunning piece of art in its own right”

“It has a virtual reality feel but actually comprises real, solid objects lit in sequences, and the effect is hypnotic”


… Conversio by Trope; a mind blowing kinetic AV piece”

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“Not a virtual representation of the real, rather a real representation of the virtual.
Dr Gregori Jean, Philosopher

” A combination of art and philosophy, a profound reflection on the nature of life and a superb aesthetic experience! “
Dr Agnieszka Piotrowska film-maker, author and academic

“It brings a beauty into your life that perhaps you hadn’t noticed before, in sounds and visuals, it’s quite magical really.”
Dry Doddington Resident re Codex installation

“ It invokes a sense of magic, of other worldiness, that I haven’t seen or experienced in an artwork before.”
Prof Mark Bishop Professor of Cognitive Computing, Goldsmiths University London. 

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