Trope’s journey combines pioneering the expanding the possibilities of a new medium – D-scope®, with artistic expression, creating the double challenge of refining the medium itself, and constructing worlds where analogue and digital are mixed seamlessly and real objects are animated with abstract purity.

The artworks have a mesmerising simplicity that belies their underlying complexity. TROPE represents a combination of unique talents; blending animation, audio and music with computing, crafts and engineering. The D-Scope® reflects the artists’ love of movement synthesized with sound, using objects as metaphor and exploring the Gestalt principle of Prägnanz, where the whole carries a different and altogether greater meaning than its individual components.

Trope’s artistic work and research output is made possible by a number of affiliations. These include:
ASC studios
Goldsmiths, University of London
The EAVI Research Group
The London Sculpture Workshop (LSW)

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