TROPE CV, 2016

Trope is an Anglo/French partnership between Dr Carol MacGillivray and Bruno Mathez, who met as students in Arts and Computing in 2011 at Goldsmiths, University of London. Together they invented an immersive system of concrete animation called the D-Scope® where full audio-visual animation occurs without the mediation of a screen; they are the only people in the world using this technique. The artworks are site-specific and hybrid; combining artisan skills in creating multiple crafted real objects with cutting-edge digital technology, evoking a sense of the wonder of pre-cinematic optical devices. Using a technique that combines Gestalt grouping with projection mapping, they breathe life into inanimate objects of extraordinary variety. These works not only combine their mutual interests in creating embodied interactive art but also are a result of a unique marriage of skills. Bruno and Carol are both teachers of practical skills, and as Trope have developed a number of workshops based on combining practical craft with theories of art, lately taking these design skills to Engineers at City University in a unique project funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering where they worked with 12 engineers to create the exhibition; ‘Chain Reaction’. They work from a studio based in South-East London.


Dr Carol MacGillivray – biography: Starting as a sculptor, Carol moved on to work in animation and film making, although she has continually kept a personal practice of sculpting. Carol taught film at the Royal College of Art and became a senior lecturer in animation at the University of West London’ where she was awarded both a Teaching Fellowship and Enterprise Fellowship’ going on to become Associate Dean of Research and Enterprise in the Faculty of the Arts at that university in 2009. Alongside developing her practice as a sculptor, an increased interest in combining theoretical research and practice led Carol to undertake a PhD by practice in Arts and Computational Technology at Goldsmiths University. Her PhD thesis; “Choreographing Time: Developing a system of Screen-less Animation” researched the grammar of the D-Scope® as a new medium. She now works as an artist under the name Coral Woods and  is a visiting Research Fellow at Goldsmiths.


Bruno Mathez – biography: Bruno is a French audiovisual artist living in London. His creations can be referred to as experimental visual equivalents of different types of media or stage practices. Bruno has created digital visuals for music concerts’ operas’ dance (including winning an award at the Monaco Dance Forum 2006) and theatre shows. He has exhibited Photophonics’ a light-to-sound installation made in collaboration with Mike Blow in the UK since 2008’ including at the Royal Festival Hall in London. He was part of the interactive audiovisual group, The Sancho Plan with whom he worked for the Ars Electronica Center in 2009 and toured in Europe and in the US. He gained an MFA in Computational Studio Arts at Goldsmiths, University of London’ and teaches part-time on the MA programme for Composing for Moving Images at City University in London.




  • NOT HERE. NOT NOW. installation exhibited at Maker Faire, Science Museum, Singapore


  • Chain Reaction exhibition, Kirkaldy Testing Museum, London, UK


  • Codex Installation exhibited at St James church, Dry Doddington, UK
  • Gaffer Installation exhibited at the Tenderpixel gallery, London, UK



  • Echo installation exhibited at Kinetica’s 10th anniversary show, Bermondsey, London
  • Falling Sideways Installation exhibited at ‘Art Tentation’, Villefranche, France
  • Libretto Installation exhibited at the SAS (Society of Animation Studies), Beyond the Frame International conference, Christ Church University, Canterbury UK


  • DandelionInstallation exhibited at Galerie Carré Doré, Monaco, (part of the ‘New Technologies exhibition’)
  • DandelionInstallation exhibited at Kinetica Art Fair, London, UK
  • The making of Codex(video) at Perception: the artist’s perspective;  2nd Visual Science of Art Conference, Belgrade, Serbia.


  • ConversioInstallation exhibited the Frequency festival, Posterngate, Lincoln, UK
  • StylusInstallation exhibited at Goldsmiths University, London, UK  (In collaboration with Martyn Ware)
  • StylusInstallation exhibited as part of the Music Tech Festival, Ravensbourne University, London, UK
  • One, Two, ThreeInstallation exhibited at Kinetica Artfair, London, UK
  • PrismInstallation exhibited at the Nowhere exhibition, St James Church New Cross, London, UK


  • Gestalt Circle(video) Annecy, France: CAe International Symposium on Computational Aesthetics in Graphics, Visualization, and Imaging.
  • Gestalt CircleInstallation exhibited at Kinetica Artfair, London, UK


  • Bolt (Carol MacGillivray) Kinetic Sculpture for the Creatve Olympiad. Bolt was selected for ‘Best of CCI’ Tour. The exhibition tour opened at the James Hockey Gallery, UCA Farnham and toured five venues across the South East in the following months in the lead up to the Olumpics summer 2012



  • Workshops, Talk and panel at Maker Faire, Singapore


  • October, Talk ‘Change made Manifest’ to the Norfolk Contemporary Art Society (NCAS)
  • July,Talk and panel discussion entitles ‘Animate the Inanimate’ at the Beyond the Frame international conference, SAS (Society of Animation Studies) , Christ Church university, Canterbury, UK
  • June,Talk and Demo at the Art Academy, Borough London, UK
  • February,Talk at the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture, Kingston University, UK (part of the Talking Heads Lecture series)



  • October, Talk (by Carol):  ‘Pinning a Tale: The Screen, The Donkey and the MacGuffin’ for book launch at the Freud Museum, London for the book launch of Embodied EncountersNew Approaches to Psychoanalysis and Film (Routledge, Ed: A. Piotrowska)
  • October, Illustrated Talk for the Kinetica Art Fair programme, London
  • July, Demo and Talk :’Inventing a new medium’ The Thursday Club, Goldsmiths, University of London
  • July, Talk : ‘Merz in Flux: How the artist-inventor transforms every conceivable material together for artistic purposes’. Talk (by Carol) at the Symposium for Material Witness Programme at the Artworkers Guild, London.
  • July, Demo and TalkEngineering the Diasynchronoscope: the next steps’ at EVA (Electronic Visualisation and the Arts) At the BCS, London



  • October,Artist’s Talk about Conversio at the Frequency Festival, chaired by Barry Hale, Lincoln
  • July, Workshop and demo: ‘The Diasynchronoscope Project: Investigations in Screen-less Apparent Motion’at  EVA (Electronic Visualisation and the Arts) London. ‘; Carol MacGillivray, Bruno Mathez
  • April, Talk: ‘One, Two, Three…reviewed’. at Wolf Ollins, (International brand consultants), London
  • February, Talk: ‘What the Diasynchronoscope reveals about perception of apparent motion’at Kinetica in Marylebone, London, with Dr Etienne B. Roesch



  • May, Dorkbot talk, The Diasynchronoscope project, The Walker Space, Ravensbourne
  • May Workshop ‘Bolt as a Research Tool’ – (Carol MacGillivray) V&A Digital Futures. V&A Sackler Centre Digital Studio
  • February, Panel Discussion, Watermans Gallery for New Media, London International Festival of Digital Arts 2012 – Seminar series on issues arising from new media arts and interactivity. Seminar 2: New media geographies / space, architecture and technology
  • February, Talk: Gestalt Circle and the Diasynchronoscope Projectat Kinetica in Marylebone, London.


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